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by yourquizmaster on February 7, 2012

Welcome to the website and blog for the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz, held Monday nights at 7 at de Vere’s Irish Pub, 217 E Street in Davis. The most anticipated restaurant to come to Davis in many years, voted by Davis Enterprise voters to be the best 2011 addition to Davis, voted by The California Aggie to be the best bar in Davis, de Vere’s Irish Pub has room for 30+ tables and more than 200 Pub Quiz participants.


Launch Time: 7pm
Recommended time to claim a table: 6pm or earlier, but no earlier than 5:30
Team size: Up to six
Questions: 30 and a tie-breaker
Prizes: Gift Certificates worth $50, $25 and $15 for First, Second and Third Place
Bonus Prizes: A bonus 4th place prize of swag
Quizmaster: Your Quizmaster, Dr. Andy

Below please find the weekly Pub Quiz Newsletter, containing reflections on events of the week, hints about upcoming quiz question topics, and sample questions from the previous week’s quiz. If you would like to add yourself to the YourQuizmaster Mailing List, please do so by entering your name and email to the form on the right (and unsubscribing is just as easy). If you prefer, you can review future Pub Quiz newsletters via your RSS reader, and keep up with the Quizmaster by following him on Facebook and Twitter. You can also send him an email.


Dear Friends of the Pub Quiz,


This coming weekend I get to officiate the wedding of a couple that I met through the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz. Having spent time at many meals and a few poetry readings since, I am beyond excited and honored to play a part in this joyous event this coming weekend. What’s more, the Davis couple in question are both musical and artsy, so there will be many performances and arts and crafts tables at this days-long event. Even Kate will be joining me this weekend, the first wedding of mine she will have attended, at least since our own.


On Labor Day 22 years ago Kate and I concluded our own days-long celebration of friends and family in Hinsdale, Illinois. A gentle mist began to fall upon our closest friends and family at our outdoor event right after we finished (obviously we didn’t get married in California), and at the indoor reception we dined heartily on Middle Eastern food before heading upstairs to the dance floor. On the second floor, we all danced so exuberantly that the DJ had to elevate the record player (!) to compensate for the juddering.


A recent unscientific poll of the members of my household revealed that very few people know the verb “To judder.” Therefore, you shouldn’t expect it to appear on tonight’s Pub Quiz. That wouldn’t be fair.


Speaking of the earth moving, I will be performing a poem before the City Council tomorrow evening at 6:30 and using metaphors stolen from Facebook responses to our recent earthquake. Immediately before or after that performed poem, I will be elevated to the position of Poet Laureate of Davis. There will be refreshments at this event, and you are invited to the City Council chambers to join us. You are not obligated to stay for the rest of the proceedings, though the Public Comments are often entertaining.


Tonight’s Pub Quiz will feature questions about capitalists, new device entries, decision-making energy, brass monkeys, market share, injection molded plastic, laboring in soft soil, dudes named William, short sports memories, indeterminism, transporting products (out), rhetorical repetitions, figurative oysters, movies, basketball, new brides, islands, popular books, swimming mammals, geometry, art history, noblemen, U.S. states, children’s books, Ellie Awards, holiday films, “it” boys, puffier postmen (such as Newman), football, pop music, torches, traveling France, contingencies, federated states, and Shakespeare. Sometimes something happens on a Monday afternoon that necessitates a substituted Pub Quiz question, and on a topic not anticipated by the above clues. Be advised.


Labor Day marks a change in the Pub Quiz season. Whether you are exhausted from moving, eager to start a new year at school or work, or managing other sorts of transitions, I hope you will still join us tonight at the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz! As you know, it’s often advisable for you and your team to arrive by 6 PM if you want to claim a favorite table.


Your Quizmaster






Here are five questions from last week’s quiz:


  1. Common Words. The most common English word that begins and ends with the Y has nine letters total. Name it.   


  1. Robin Williams. Robin Williams played Teddy Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum movies, including one to be released in 2015. What 20th century US President did he play in the film Lee Daniels’ The Butler?


  1. Pop Culture – Music. The hammers inside a piano are typically padded with what monosyllabic material?


  1. Sports.   Manny Pacquiao is a boxer and politician from what country?


  1. Science.   Butterhead, crisphead, leaf, oil, summerhead, and stem are cultivars of what?


One of my favorite wedding invitations

One of my favorite wedding invitations


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