The Rules

In order to win the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz, you have to play by the rules:

Rule Number One! No more than six members per team. We welcome auditors whose teams are seven or more people; we just don’t award them prizes.

Rule Number Two! No shouting out the answers. Doing so only helps the dumb teams. You are allowed to make exclamations that are not answers, especially if you are having fun.

Rule Number Three! No outside help. This means no cheating. No Pub Quiz consultations or queries with people or resources outside of your team. No cell phones. No texting, no calling, no surfing. Turn your cell phones off until the conclusion of the Pub Quiz festivities. You are advised to keep your cellphone in a pocket or purse, not on the table or in your lap.

Rule Number Four! The answers provided by your Quizmaster have been painstakingly researched, as have the questions. Therefore, those answers will be considered to be correct without regard to their actual veracity.

Rule Number Five! In a related story, no arguing with the Quizmaster.

And finally, Rule Number Six! Make some noise, have some fun, and make everyone in downtown Davis wish that they were playing the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz!