The Asher’s Significant Dancing Edition of the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz Newsletter

Davis Community Church


Dear Friends of the Pub Quiz,

Yesterday I saw my friend Pastor Bill Habicht’s last sermon at Davis Community Church. My son Jukie and I attended the service to support Bill, his lovely family, and the congregation that has given him a platform for his community-centered ministry for the last 12 years.

Once years ago when Bill and I were becoming friends – he enlisted me to help with one of his many philanthropic projects – I responded to one of his questions by telling him that my family and I were regular church-goers at DCC. He didn’t want to dispute my claim, even though he had no memory of these alleged church appearances. I told him that yes, every Christmas Eve, we attend his church service to hear a favorite story and sing some lovely Christmas carols. Clearly our attendance was very regular, if infrequent. He smiled and knew that he could be as mischievous with me as I was being with him. One member of the congregation cites his mischievousness and wit as elements of Bill and his sermons that they would miss the most.

In his last sermon, Bill retold a story that you might have read once online. Authored originally by Kent Nerburn, a cab driver takes an elderly and solitary woman on her last cab ride before she enters a hospice / convalescent hospital. The story’s author discovers the satisfaction and deep connection that comes from serving others, especially those most needful or vulnerable.

Bill concluded his remarks by inviting us not only to seek out success in our lives, but to live significant lives, the implication being that a life of service (defined as you wish), and attention to the neediest among us will enrich us much beyond that which can be earned, saved, or spent. And then Bill’s remarkable young son Asher danced for the congregation. His was an extended choreographed number, the sort you would expect from a professional dancer twice his age. After he finished, the congregants were so moved that we gave Asher a standing ovation that went on for a few minutes.

Of course, some of that applause was for Bill, a man who has served all the applauders, who has served the hungry and homeless of Davis, and thus who has served all of us for the last 12 years. I elevate and commend this man, and look forward to see how he will enrich we lucky Davisites next.


Tonight’s Pub Quiz will feature questions on topics raised above, as well as the following: parenthood, Starbucks, the Dharma, songbirds, quarterbacks, blasts, tenors and vehicles, gas, legal defenses, peninsulae, malt aviators, hard drinks, film classics, Laguna Beach, vampires, midsummer night’s dreams, people named Chuck, nirvana, favorite athletes, bosses, satiric news, modesty, Jack Kerouac, distant wars, warming surroundings, counts that don’t include horses, other banners, successful newspapers, liberty, telecommunications, and Shakespeare.

Please join us this evening. It’s the place to be.


Your Quizmaster


Here are three questions from last week’s quiz:


  1. Mottos and Slogans.    The servers at the de Vere’s Irish Pub on L Street in Sacramento wear black T-shirts with three words on the back. Those words are “BLOOD. SWEAT. And WHAT”? 


  1. Internet Culture. Which World War was trending on Twitter last night. Was it World War I, World War II, or World War III? 


  1. Newspaper Headlines.   What two-syllable C word completes this October 5th CNBC headline about worldwide Facebook usage? “Facebook users could outnumber BLANKS before the end of the year.” 


P.S. Viola Weinberg and Traci Gourdine are performing this coming Thursday night at 8. Viola will have fire adventures to relay. You are invited. Here is the Facebook event: