The Herminio the Hero Edition of the de Vere’s Irish Pub Pub Quiz Newsletter



Dear Friends of the Pub Quiz,

This morning my wife and I met with the man who last month saved her life. An accomplished surgeon, the man in question is exceedingly humble, thanking Kate repeatedly for letting him serve her by removing her ruptured appendix. Dr. Herminio Ojeda of Sutter Davis Hospital is a personal hero of mine. Kate spent a week in the hospital, having come home this past Tuesday, and is now resting comfortably. She has been forbidden from lifting anything over 15 lbs, including our children.

On the same day that she came home from the hospital, our beloved Auntie Merlyn passed away. Merlyn Potters was a longtime staff employee at UC Davis, a mother and grandmother, a friend and an artist. She knew the work of my Dad and step-mom from her days in Las Vegas (where my Dad taught at UNLV and my step-mother was a DJ at KNPR), so Merlyn and I had many long conversations about family and other topics. She was also unaccountably devoted to our daughter Geneva, born just a couple days before Merlyn’s granddaughter, Haley. Never before had Kate or I met someone who was so instantly in love with a tiny baby, a love for and obsession with Geneva that we heartily shared. Merlyn will long be loved and missed, for she brightened the worlds of everyone who had the pleasure to know her.

Treasure and hug the people who are close to you.

Tonight’s Pub Quiz will feature questions on the following topics: Getting in trouble for what you like, European leaders, people named Nancy, knives, welcoming guests to America, big boxes, histories, executive advice, spooky bonnets, bones, exile, world capitals, buddy films, library science, American cities, opera, mendacity, games of chance, metrics, Palin imitations, Chinese trees, the Joshua who did not fit the battle of Jericho, church sayings, the down under, and Shakespeare. I haven’t yet written the anagram question.

I hope you can join us tonight. I sat outside at the Pub twice this past weekend, and found it to be refreshing and lovely. All of us should try to spend more time outside doing the things we love.


Your Quizmaster


Here are three questions from last week’s quiz:


  1. Unusual Words for X-rays that take detailed pictures of structures inside a patient’s body. The C in CT scan stands for “Computed.” What does the T stand for?  


  1. British History. With a two-decade margin of error, in what year was slavery abolished throughout the majority of the British Empire?  


  1. Pop Culture – Television. As announced this morning, who is Kelly Ripa’s new co-host on her TV show Live?  



P.S. Happy Birthday to the late Davey Marlin-Jones!